Waterproof Cast Covers

waterproof cast protectors

Cast Covers & Skin Protection


Keeping your cast dry in the shower has never been easier with Waterguard. Our self-sealing technology makes it possible to quickly and easily protect yourself from water exposure.

Waterguard cast covers are available in a universal size to fit most people comfortable and securely. We offer short and long cast protection sleeves to cover casts, and a variety of other injuries, on both legs and arms.

Discover the difference when you try Waterguard’s waterproof cast covers today.

Self-Sealing Technology

Waterguard cast covers create a self-sealing barrier against your skin to securely protect your cast from water exposure.


Our latex-free cast covers offer a hypoallergenic and non-toxic solution for your cast protection needs.

Tear-Resistant Material

Waterguard’s ultra-thin polyurethane film is both flexible and resistant to tearing for a comfortable cast cover solution.

Keeping Your Cast Dry in the Shower


A Waterguard cast cover is one of the best ways to keep your cast or wound dry while showering.

Simply slip on the flexible sleeve over the area that requires protection and the self-sealing opening will cling to your skin to form a waterproof barrier. Our products have been designed with light and hypoallergenic material to prevent irritation to your skin while providing reliable defense against water exposure.

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