In development since 2005, WaterGuard™ was created by a team of three partners whose combined experience results in an ideal solution for limb protection. Henry Deutsch, a specialist in product development, cost and supply chain management, conceived of the concept after breaking a wrist himself and experiencing the challenge of protecting a cast while showering. “Where before, our only option for cast protection after an injury was the old garbage bag and elastic band method, we now have a supremely effective alternative that eliminates that mess and inconvenience,” says Deutsch.

He partnered with Dr. Matt Jimenez, a preeminent orthopedic surgeon and researcher specializing in orthopedic fracture care and joint reconstruction. “We designed this product with patient safety and quality as our guiding themes,” notes Jimenez. “We have achieved a water tight seal without restricting blood flow to the injured extremity. WaterGuard™ is a major advancement in wound and cast protection.  We look forward to serving the community and helping patients return to normal function in a timely fashion.”

Tim Hartigan completed the team, bringing his background as a general manager and specialist in product management, importing, and international sourcing, including nearly 20 years with Wells Lamont Corporation. Hartigan emphasizes that WaterGuard™ fills a growing void in the market for an effective, cost efficient, reusable product to help people with their daily needs when they are already dealing with injury, trauma, or other unfortunate circumstances.

WaterGuard™ is endorsed by Dr. Eric Heiden, five-time Olympic gold medalist in speed skating, team physician to the U.S. Speedskating team, and renowned orthopedic surgeon. A portion of the proceeds from all sales of WaterGuard™ will be donated to Dr. Heiden’s Park City Sport Performance and Orthopedic Foundation, as well as SPLORE, a Utah-based non-profit organization that for 30 years, has been providing inclusive recreation and education programs for people of all abilities.

WaterGuard LLC is committed to the design, development and marketing of products that make everyday tasks easier for those dealing with adversity, hardships and injury.