Leg Cast Covers


Waterguard leg and foot cast protectors offer unparalleled protection from water exposure.

Whether you need to keep your cast dry while showering and bathing, or in environments that contain potential water damage, you can count on these cast covers for superior protection. The following products are designed for both adults and we also offer sleeves for intravenous lines, catheters and ports in the extremities.

Additional conditions that our sleeves protect from water exposure include: burns, stitches, rashes, splints, cuts, and a variety of skin conditions.

WaterGuard™ Long Length Adult Leg Cast Cover – 2 pack.


The Long Leg Cast Cover is designed to protect casts and wounds at the knee level or above.


Price: $16.95


WaterGuard™ Short Length Adult Leg Cast Cover – 2 pack.


The Short Leg Cast Cover is designed to protect wounds and casts at the foot and ankle level


Price: $16.95


WaterGuard™ PICC/Wound Sleeve with Dual Opening (Adult Leg) – 2 pack.


Our one-of-a-kind dual opening sleeves have a waterproof self-sealing opening on both ends to allow users to pull their foot all the way through. This product is ideal for those recovering from surgeries or burns, as well as to protect stitches and PICC lines.


Price: $16.95