Testimonials: Waterguard Cast Covers

Waterguard’s slip-on cast covers offer a simple and effective solution for protecting your cast or wound in the shower. Whether you are looking for foot and leg cast covers, or wrist and arm cast covers, you’ll wish you had known about Waterguard sooner.

But don’t take our word for it — check out testimonials and reviews from Waterguard customers below.



I just had knee surgery last week and it is extremely difficult to try and take a shower with a garbage bag wrapped around the bandage. I was able to get out for a small shopping trip the other day and came across your product and gave it a try. Impressed!! Worked like a charm. I am befuddled as to why they don’t hand these out at the hospital when you leave or at least recommend them. Thank you for your product and believe me I will let my friends know about it.



Dear WaterGuard,

I am not in the habit of writing e-mails to companies, but it was necessary in this case.

I am the mother of five active kids, all of them playing multiple sports.  Our kids have had their share of injuries, and we have experienced many casts over the years.  Each time we would try to figure out the best ways to bathe our children while in the cast.  Over the years we have tried using plastic bags, garbage bags, tape, rubber bands, you name it.  We would always end up with the same result…a wet and smelly cast.  We wondered if taking a shower or bath was even worth it!

My youngest son broke his hand during this past football season.  A friend told us about your product, and highly recommended WaterGuard.  We were skeptical about any ‘miracle’ product, but we tried it anyway.  Wow!  WaterGuard lived up to its name.  No moisture penetrated the barrier, and we had our first odor-free cast experience.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

D.C., Wilmette, IL


I was blown away by waterguard’s ability to stretch over the buckles and straps of my leg brace and still maintain a water-tight seal around my leg. Very impressive! And I appreciated the ability to reuse it and reduce waste. A great product. Thanks for making the recovery process so much easier, waterguard!

Michael – Portland, OR


On a personal note, my daughter had knee surgery and we used the Waterguard for her leg.Love it, love it , love it!   I wish we would have had it the last two times she has had these damn knee surgery’s!


USSA Intermountain Masters Chairman


I came across your WaterGuard product in our local Safeway store last weekend. I have had both legs medically wrapped for about 8 weeks now at a hospital wound care center and have struggled with the chore of keeping them dry while taking a shower.  I have a product called Shower Sleeve that used to be distributed by CVS Pharmacy, but they have discontinued it, thus I have had to resort using the old kitchen garbage bag routine for one of my legs.

Your WaterGuard product is far superior to the CVS Shower Sleeve and quite obviously better than a kitchen garbage bag.
I’m assuming that you are working on distribution agreements with the major drugstore such as Walgreens and  retail chains such as Target, etc.  I‘ve been unable to find any other similar shower protector products, thus believe that your product  will be a runaway success!

Roy Sooman


Water-Guard is an incredible product.  My son broke his wrist earlier this Spring and we used Water-Guard for showering, this product was not around when my daughter broke her arm 3 years ago and it was life changing.  No leaks, easy to use, cost effective product and on a hot day like today a shower or bath is something we all might need to cool off!  The wrist sleeve we received came in a two pack and all the info is very useful on the website.

Sorry for him… most docs shy away from a waterproof cast, as it is rough on the skin.  Neither of my kids were permitted the waterproof cast, Dr knows best! May he feel better soon.

Beth Skidmore


After my 16-year-old daughter had ankle surgery, they placed her in a boot cast. (NO weight bearing) She has very long hair and showers daily. Sadly the doctors and nurses didn’t give me any clues about how to assist her with showers. The first day we tied garbage bags with duct tape to her leg…what a mess. My search online lead me to some “interesting” products that were high priced, complicated, and not user friendly.

Luckily, we found “Waterguard”! What a simple, practical, economical, idea! 
Since the first time we used it, we loved it! Henry was SO helpful in getting the product to us quickly and followed up with emails to make sure we had the sizes we needed. Thanks to Waterguard, taking a shower is easy! Goodbye garbage bags!!! 
Thanks for all your help. I highly recommend this great product!

Sally Martin


After encouraging my patients to use WG I now have had a chance to use it personally. It is simple, durable and above all water proof.

Eric Heiden, M.D. 


I wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is. My eight-year-old daughter broke her arm ice-skating this winter. The WaterGuard made my life so much easier…read Margaret’s letter

Margaret, Evanston


I have been using WaterGuard in the shower every day for the past 3 weeks to cover my arm cast, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it super durable, it’s also very easy to put on and take off. I will continue to use WaterGuard, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.




Thank you so much for the WaterGuard Cast & Skin protector, it is a fabulous product!

My daughter broke her upper arm skiing and her cast extends from the top of her shoulder to over her palm. This cumbersome cast makes it quite difficult to function normally, much less bathe. We struggled during our entire vacation, but when we returned from vacation we discovered the WaterGuard long arm sleeve. What a difference!

The protective sleeve easily covers her entire cast, and seals well enough that we had no worries of compromising the cast with water. The sleeve is very lightweight, and fits closely enough around the cast that it is barely noticeable, but still sturdy enough that we’ve had no worries or tearing or ripping. We’ve been using the same sleeve for nearly two weeks!

I highly recommend this product, it has saved us a lot of time, and made life a lot much more bearable for the next 4 weeks.


Rebekah P. Duncan – 
Gurnee, IL